Three Ways to Find a Better You

1. Self-Care:

Take a proactive step toward yourself and what you need. Self-care is an essential practice of identifying how your feel, and how you want to feel, and putting into place what you are going to do about it.

We can all care for ourselves a little better emotionally, physically, spiritually, and in many other areas of our lives. So take that walk, grab a great meal, take a long nap, sit in your yard, read your Bible, or simply do nothing at all.

2. Self-Compassion:

Take a proactive step toward yourself when you feel guilty, low, ashamed, insecure, or not at your best self. Self-compassion is an essential proactive step in giving yourself the gift of grace you so richly deserve.

We can all be more compassionate toward ourselves by treating ourselves like someone we love and admire would treat us in our most trying times. I think of self-compassion like mothering myself when I need it most. I practice by acknowledging my injuries, bandaging my wounds, and kissing my boo-boos. So go ahead speak kindly to you, hug you, love on you, and take your time. Protect and give yourself ample space, time, and acceptance.

3. Self-Investment:

Take a proactive step toward your goals, plans, dream, and ideas. Self-investment is a vital practice of doubling down on yourself to see the manifestation of your desires.

We can all take some time with ourselves to outline what we want out of life. We can take initiative to sow seeds and try to harvest the fruits of our labor. When we work toward our goals and invest in ourselves, it not only brings us closer to our dreams, it creates a place of honoring ourselves. We are worthy of our energy. So start investing, join toastmasters, sign up for that professional association, create a rainy-day fund, go back to school, or start that business. Double down on you, you never know, you really may have a winning hand.

Put you on your to-do list.